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GUIDE TO SIMSOC (for newbies)

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GUIDE TO SIMSOC (for newbies) Empty GUIDE TO SIMSOC (for newbies)

Post by David Panov Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:14 pm

Okay guys and gals, here it is, your guide to playing this game with all the tips and tricks to take on the great managers straight up. Thanks to a few managers whose tactics I pinched from another forum topic.

I will be covering in several sections, page by page in the team's homepage.

First up:

1) Up your ticket price to about 23 for low stadiums, 25 for medium stadiums and 28 for top stadiums.

2) Upgrade your stadium as soon as you can until at 65000. This helps with cash flow and also loans. You can loan 5 million over your current stadium size, so the bigger the stadium, the bigger your loan can be.

3) Check your squad out when you first join a team and see what position is missing a decent player. Once you decide, ensure you make yourself a manager/player in this position you need. This is a must for any team as your mgr/plyr will start at 90 skill. During the season don't bother upgrading his skill level or worry about him going down either as at the start of the new season your mgr/plyr automatically goes back to 90skill but will not lose his attributes like shooting etc.

4) Click update after doing each of the above.

1) Select your team line-up here.

2) Once in team select mode(lineup) click on the white box near top left corner next to "HOME" or "AWAY". This will load up your opponent's fixture list which has all the games played or to be played. Once in here, click on the last few fixtures to see what lineups they use. If it is a computer team don't bother with this as whatever lineup they have on the opposition page is the lineup used in the match. Once you work out which lineup your opponent uses click on the "Switch to opposition mode" button on the fixture select page you are on. Now fill in their lineup with the players you think they will use. Take into account that they will not risk a high skilled player with the lowest fitness overall as if they lose the match this player loses 5 skill points. Now click "save and switch" and then choose a lineup of your team. You want to ensure your rating is about 60 or more to ensure a good chance of winning.


If you have no chance of winning and/or your rating is under 45-50 try a strange formation like 235 or 325 or 415 or 514 or 424. This will work quite well when the odds are stacked against you to win.

Try to find a weakness in your opponents lineup like a player with low morale or low fitness. Eg. If they use a defender with low fitness/morale like a DL, then stack your forward line with AR's. If they have defense like SW, DC, DC then stack your attack to one side. Also weakness could be a player that has many defeats on his player card or a fresh player without any games played yet and also your opponents weak spot might be if he has no players for certain positions. So basically you are looking for an avenue to goal that has less resistance. Most times an attack of AC's is worthless and will never work as well as all AL or AR's so use sparingly.

Use a SW 90% of the time you play. They are a great asset to your team as score goals and cover alot of defensive ground also.

Use players that played well recently and those with highest skills as managers are usually rewarded for picking the best possible selection (best possible selection depends on particular game and varies during the playing season) - therefore if "David" picks his best formation and "Goliath" decides to play averagely - "David" will probably win.

Try not to repeat the same formation over and over again, because that formation will lose easily when your opponent knows exactly what to expect from you and has tactical knowledge and means to act upon it.

Don't change your player's position at all, only your manager/player is good to do this. If you are desperate, do it but use this only in emergencies. If you need to do this, try keeping a player on that same side, ie. a DL is now an AL or a MR is now a DR. A player plays better when he is in a position for a while, if you constantly change it, he is worth nothing.

In the tactics screen, choose a captain as when matches are processed the 2 captains are compared and a slight advantage is given to the team with the captain who has the best sum of field attributes (tackling, heading, shooting & passing).

The tactics option also offers 4 conditions:
1. Come on unconditionally
2. Come on if losing [by at least...] (use this with goals set to 0 for player to come on if draw or losing)
3. Come on if winning [by at least...]
4. Come on if score level

One more aspect is also very important - always try to protect 90+ players from dropping overall skill, find a player with lower skill and lowest fitness and put him on the subs bench to sacrifice him if you lose or draw (which is 66% possibility to happen). Treat your 90+ players like jewels because once they drop to 86 - it's very hard to raise them back to 90+ by one skill point raise at the time. It's always better to lose a game than to lose a 90+ player. A good way to ensure you have a 'sacrificial lamb' is to buy a low skill player cheap, train him on full match practice and then list him on the transfer market. By training him fully he will go to 92 fitness and then by listing a player on the market they drop fitness alot. This will ensure your 'lamb' is available to place in your subs to lose skill level if you should lose or draw a game. If you win a match, the player with highest fitness gains overall skill points (if 2 players have the same fitness the one with lowest overall skill level goes up. If you draw or lose a game, the player with lowest fitness drops overall skill.

Never use 6 players in attack, defense or midfield, it just won't work well although I have seen teams win with this, it is very rare that they will. Same goes for 1 player in defense, it just won't work. 1 player in midfield or attack seems okay though.

Alot of managers use weird formations. The easy way to defend against these formations are the exact opposite of what they are. ie. a mgr always uses 325, so use 514 or 523 with 2 sweepers and 3 defenders. Lets say they have AL AL AL AC AR then use a defense like SW SW DC DR DR. This will help take the sting out of his attack down the left. When someone has 415 or 514 use 253 or 352 cause if you dominate midfield you control play. I have use all these formations and seem to do ok with them, but pick your team accordingly to your opponents favoured setup. Here is some more information on how it all works:

Ball runs fluently through the field area you dominate in. That's why it's important to keep your formation in one piece if possible. If your opponent cuts your formation in 2 parts, he will dominate in the ball control.

Attacking formations are more successful because when you try to defend you need to guess how your opponent will attack you. If you fail in guessing (ie. he may change his attack from expected 3 AR to unexpected 3 AL), your defense won't be solid and you will lose. When you attack, you leave others to guess where your attack is going to come from.

Luck usually favors the weaker between the 2 opponents. It means: when you have a stronger team than your opponent, you often need to try even harder to justify that you are the favorite. If you fail to do your best possible formation & tactics move, you will suffer the consequences which will manifest as an unlucky draw or even a defeat, even though you'll still appear stronger in the team selection screen.

The rating, shown in team match selection is only predicted rating - it reflects current quality of players in both teams, on the other hand - actual possession (written under the rating in match report) reflects good or bad managing. Whenever in the match report - your actual possession is higher than predicted rating, it means you've done good job as a manager, preparing well your team's tactics for that particular game.

1) Ensure you have at least 2 90+ players, your player/manager and 1 other.

2) You must have 2 players minimum in each position to be succesful, GK SW DL DC DR ML MC MR AL AC AR = 22 players.
Preferably you should have 3 of each in attack, mids and defense with 2 goalies and 2 sweepers, this gives you 31 players. Maximum is 32 players which allows you 1 spot incase a great player comes onto the market.

3) Choose your club captain here. Pick the guy with the best sum of field attributes (tackling, heading, shooting & passing).

4) There is no age attribute, when you sign a player, he's considered young . He won't drop his skills in first season after buying him. Every season you can generally expect skill drop (from 1 - normal, to 5 - radical).


With manual training it's possible to raise attributes of all your players to be like this:
shooting - 99
passing - 99
heading - 99
tackling - 75
(I think max sum of all field skills is 375)

Morale is a waste of time to train as simsoc has no system where if a player doesn't play a game for a year he wants to leave your team. Just kane those non-playing guys on training and when they are high stats, sub them in for a few games and morale will be go up.

It's almost impossible to lift player's field skills if you use him in every game, without giving him time to rest from games. Think of it as charging a battery.

Train players according to their positions. GK and DEF need good tackling, MID need good passing, Attackers need good shooting. But other field skills are also important for all positions.

Remember that field skills, morale and fitness make together 60% of each player's quality, 20% each. The rest 40% is overall skill. Besides that, it's the player game record (player card), that contributes to final performance on the pitch. A player that recently played a lot and won a lot is better than a fresh player, who haven't played yet. But after a player plays a few games on his position, he becomes really strong.

Injuries are a short term matter, all of your players will get fit soon (in 2 or 3 games). To avoid injuries occur in the future make sure you use only those players with high fitness unless it's a very important game coming up and you are willing to risk that. Now about injuries & training. In the past - game did not allow to set training for injured players - they had to rest. But now I noticed that it's possible to set regular training for injured players, I don't know if it applies though.

Now about what you should train. If you wish to increase field stats, best method is Match Practice everyday. Your guy will start increasing stats after a few days and will stay at 92 fitness unless you play them. Don't worry about morale yet on these guys, see explanation above for this. When you notice your guy is not growing stats anymore, change the training. Eg. You have an AL with stats 90shoot, 90pass, 90 tackle, 90head and has stopped growing stats. You need to up his shooting to 99. So change to Shooting/Match Prac/Shooting/Match Prac/Shooting. His shooting skill will increase slowly without losing any other stats. Just replace Shooting with Passing, Heading or Tackling for other stats. If your player has low stat in his main attribute to begin with use this method first until he hits maximum then change to all Match Practice.
If you are in a tourney where you play a game everyday, fitness is always an issue. Only thing I have found here to do is put your players on Rest everyday except the one's you are training up. I use this method in every tourney I am in with no problems whatsoever, even where I am not playing everyday. So, if you are training guys its Match Prac, if not training, then put on full Rest. Morale will take care of itself by playing your players and winning games. The more you win the higher your morale will go.

1) Easy this one, shows your finances and where you can take loans out and repay them. If you ever fall under ZERO dollars and cannot take out a loan to bring it back into the black, the computer will sell your best player to cover the debt. I have lasted 3 days with a negative balance, unsure how long it takes though to sell your player.

1) Here you see your listed players and can buy players also. Note that after 7 days of being listed if your listed player has no bids on him he will automatically be delisted and you will need to go back to your SQUAD screen and relist him. I always have 1 low skill player or a sacrificial lamb player listed here permanently as a listed player drops fitness fast and stays low in fitness. This helps to place him on your subs in games and should you lose or draw, he will drop skill and not your good players.

2) Try to list your player at a price similar to those already listed. If you place too high no-one will buy him. One trick however is to place a low price and then get many managers fighting over him, outbidding each other. This may bring you a good price but be careful to keep track of the closing date as he could go for a cheap price. To keep them going silly over him, click modify and this will change the closing date to 7 days from the day you click modify.

3) You can only sell a player to the same manager 1 time in 7 days over the whole of Simsoc. So if you sell a guy to Jon Smith in 190 Global you cannot sell a player to him within 7 days in any other tourney as well. You can however buy a player off him.

4) A good way to get players from computer teams is searching each team for 90+ players whose wages are still very low(like around 1000). These players are usually 1st season players that have been put into these PC teams to help them cope against strong leagues. Make a decent bid of around 26mill upwards on these players and you may get lucky. A PC team is more likely to sell a player he has 3 of, so take this into account also.

5) If you have not many players in your team buy some low skill guys cheap and train them up in stats whilst putting them on the bench to increase their skill level. In the next season you could sell them off and make some good money in return for sitting back and watching them grow stats and skill.

The other pages are just to look at, like Results/Ties, Scorers, Roll Of Honour, Help and League Tables.
If I come across anything else worthy of posting here I will edit.
Hope this helps you newcomers and maybe even a few people been here a while.
This is not my views and notes, but has been compiled from many posts throughout the forums from many different managers who have great ideas and wisdom on Simsoc. Thanks to all who contributed(you will know who you are by seeing your posts here).


Credit to James Cross
David Panov
David Panov

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Post by Dave MacDonald Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:19 am

Hallo Mr. Panov, nice to be in contact again, thx 4 inviting me to your forum. Very Happy

Dave MacDonald

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Post by David Panov Fri Jul 04, 2014 5:49 am

it's our forum Razz

Thanks for joining Smile now hopefully the others that I invated will do it again Smile
David Panov
David Panov

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Post by Jose Mourinho Fri Jul 04, 2014 6:13 am

hi.. i am melvin choo.... nice to meet you all here  Very Happy
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

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Post by Paul West Fri Jul 04, 2014 9:25 am

Hi guys  Very Happy nice to see you all again
Paul West
Paul West

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Post by Paul Glover Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:03 pm

I'm here too

Paul Glover

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GUIDE TO SIMSOC (for newbies) Empty Back again

Post by David Ellis Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:03 am

Decided to check in on the game again.. Been back for a couple of weeks now. I originally set up 3 teams but 1 vanished but added some more teams now.

David Ellis

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Post by DSG Sat Feb 14, 2015 7:47 pm

Nice write up and very useful. Thanks.


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